“Ashwini Ramaswamy owns the stage with her powerful creation, “Nocturne.’ Inspired by the dream-like mysteries of nighttime, the work drew upon poetry and a hint of entomology to transport audiences into a suspended realm where transcendent Bharatanatyam dance served as the vehicle for heart-filling enchantment.”

Best Dance Memories of 2016, Big Dance Town blog

“Ashwini owns the stage with her powerful Bharatanatyam creation. 'Magic realism' is a technique often used in literature but Ashwini imports the concept into the dance world.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Aparna and her younger sister, Ashwini, respectively, have worked alongside their mother to maintain Indian cultural integrity while achieving global accessibility."

Minnesota Monthly

“Ms. Ramaswamy presents herself with a forthright simplicity, imbuing her refined, sculptural muscularity with a tranquility that contrasts with the springy exuberance of her feet.

The New York Times

“Ashwini is innovative not for the sake of trendiness but out of a sincere [even desperate] curiosity about what the art form can do.”

— Mallika Rao, freelance writer (The Atlantic, The New York Times, The New Yorker)

“With “Nocturne,” Ashwini Ramaswamy threads the personal and the divine with her choreography of a post-twilight journey.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Ashwini Ramaswamy leads her troupe, Ragamala Dance Company, in a new work she created. The piece utilizes the classical Indian dance form Bharatanatyam to reimagine the relationships between the human, natural, and metaphysical migrations that occur at night.”

City Pages